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Smart Graph

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, right? With the Quant Base Smart Graph, your figures and other data can be viewed and analysed by all interested parties within and outside the organisation at a quick glance. This is not only very useful, but also extremely valuable. By making the data of your organisation transparent, you can substantiate your decisions more quickly and at the same time more thoroughly, in order to ensure the best result.


The Quant Base Smart Graph is unique due to its accuracy, speed of use and implementation: it is possible to install the dashboard in the Dutch Cloud of Quant Base, in your own Cloud environment and on premise. It can be used as a means of communication with other people inside and outside the organisation, all the while keeping your data safe. Furthermore the Quant Base Smart Graph is flexible in deployment and questions are quickly answered, making sure you have a reliable product that can be used in any situation.

Quant Base Smart Graph

Click the link below and try out the Quant Base Smart Graph yourself! Click on a period or element of the graph in one of the widgets and see what happens. Of course, your own Quant Base Smart Graph can be arranged and expanded as desired.

View the Quant Base Smart Graph


The Quant Base Smart Graph can be placed both in the Cloud and On Premise and no special software is necessary. Therefore all (selected) users have easy access. Embedding the Quant Base Smart Graph in other websites or apps is of course also possible. Do you have questions about the Quant Base Smart Graph or about the possibilities for your organisation? Don't hesitate to contact us.