We collect, process and visualise data with our products. Our tools are dynamic and user-friendly so user can easily gain control and insight into their data. The products can also be combined to get the most out of the data.


Smart Graph

Making data visual, that is the power of the Smart Graph! Using key indicators, graphs, and images, we offer an intuitive and fast way to gain valuable insights. In addition, the Smart Graph provides an effective way to communicate data. By bringing together data from various sources and then visualising it using our Smart Graph, we create an understandable representation of information.

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Create and manage your own online forms with our eForm. Customise your form to your liking by adding questions and choosing types of answer that perfectly match the information you want to collect. Users simply enter the requested data. When the eForm is integrated with the Smart Graph, the data is available in the dashboard in real time.

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Grapefruit is designed to collect valuable information from a wide variety of sources on the Internet and in files. Thanks to Grapefruit, we can retrieve data at scheduled times, so that you always have up-to-date information. The data is then converted into usable datasets for further analysis and visualisation. Grapefruit ensures an efficient and streamlined data collection process.

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Smart Graph Portal

Visualise it yourself! Thanks to our Smart Graph Portal you can build interactive dashboards with your own data today. The portal provides the possibility to arrange and personalise the dashboards according to your taste and needs. You can then easily share it with others. Take control and shape your data with the Smart Graph Portal.

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