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Our partners

Quant Base works together with several partners. Together with our partners, we provide additional software solutions or services to enrich or collect your data.

Big Data Value Center

The Big Data Value Center (BDVC) is an innovation platform in the field of Big Data solutions for government and SMEs. BDVC helps them to get value from their own data by combining with external data, analysing it, and using it in an innovative way. Together with the BDVC we can ensure that your data is optimally utilized.


Kjerner is specialized in building software quickly and correctly, while still being adaptable. To achieve this, they use the Alan platform, which can prevent bugs and guarantee data integrity. Additionally, it can include the workflow in a model and a fully usable generated GUI is always available. This ensures that the Alan platform is very suitable for data cleaning and integration issues, that often play a role in setting up a dashboard. That is why we can work well together.

Connected Worlds

Connected Worlds is expert in the field of Smart Cities. In the Dutch National Smart City Living Lab program, they focus on the air quality and noise pollution. For this program they have installed Lamppost Sensor Units on several locations. These units take several different measurements such as particulate matter, CO2, and dB. We use the Smart Graph to make this data available in a real-time visualization.