About us

Our passion is developing software to manage data. Our team has been making secure and user-friendly and tools since 2012.

Our approach

Getting a rolling start, that's how we like it. We can deliver by ourselves or through one of our partners. We install a base for managing your data within a short period.

After the base has been used and tested at your own speed, together we will evaluate the product together and implement any desired changes.


Security is our priority. We attach great importance to guaranteeing your control over your own data. Our tools are developed independently and we use a European cloud. In addition, we offer the possibility to deploy our products on the systems of your organization. This way we ensure that all your data stays protected.

We make our tools as user-friendly as possible, so everyone in an organization can work with them. We listen to our users' feedback and needs and continuously adapt our tools accordingly.


Our team

Our cases show how our team puts its experience and our products into practice.



By working closely with our partners, we provide additional software solutions and services to enrich or collect your data.